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About Ion Silver

Ion Silver was started in 2001 and like many other companies in a garage with the founder, in this case Anders Sultan. After coming into contact with colloidal silver online in the mid 1990’s, Anders realized what potential the product had. When the product was basically unknown in Sweden, he saw the possibility of offering colloidal silver with all its exciting applications to needy North-born. Today, Ion Silver is the largest producer of colloidal silver in the Nordic region.


Our vision is a world where health and wellness are natural and accessible to all. A world with a focus on cause and not symptoms, and that prevention takes care…..

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..of itself and its body. Everyone has access to different treatments and natural medicine and, as far as possible, can avoid today’s “drugs” with their documented dangerous side effects.

Research & development

During our 18 years, we have invested a lot of energy and money in research and development. This has led us to produce one of the world’s best-selling colloidal silver, Ionosil.

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Over the last two years, we have continued to invest in laboratory and production equipment.
Now it’s time again. We are now investing in world-leading water purification technology.
Our colloidal silver, Ionosil (with 10ppm) is unique in the market with proven positive


Ion Silver AB, in this document called the company or we, takes seriously the personal

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Our focus will be on producing and providing the best, most high quality…..

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..and cleanest products on the market. Our goal is also to use natural and ecologically produced raw materials as far as possible. We will always offer a reasonable price without compromising our high quality standards.
At the same time, we will increase the knowledge of all users, doctors, therapists and, not least, the authorities, about all the benefits of our products.
Of course, we must also provide the best and highest level of customer service and support. We also want to create high availability. It’s easy to find and buy our products.


Our high standards of cleanliness and environment lead to constant, critical review of…..

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..suppliers, raw materials and, above all, our own manufacturing.
• The fifth-generation “Silver machines” has recently come into place.
• We have invested in new, much safer storage tanks, ensuring that we do not release any silver into the groundwater.
• Our packaging is simple and environmentally friendly. We take responsibility for returns by paying our part to FTI.
• We can also proudly note that our MSM does not pillage any forests.
• Our Glucosamine is 100% vegetable and 100% GMO free.
• Our minerals are free from additives such as preservatives and anticancer chemicals.
• Our skin care products are paraben-free and are based entirely on natural ingredients.
• We do not test any of our products on animals!
• We do not use genetically engineered raw materials. Our packaging is simple and
environmentally friendly.

But good could be better. Our focus today is on making our packaging even better from an overall perspective. For a complete splash is always present in our product development. It is a continuous work and there we take new habits every day to do a better job for people, animals and our nature.

Our products

Our two latest products Silver Deo and Silver Creme have both made quick success on the market. Both made with only natural ingredients and are locally produced. Silver Deo is without perfume and without alcohol and aluminum. Silver Cream with organic almond oil, for the whole body.


Naturally clean products

It is regrettable that we can no longer share more information than the one we spread about our products. EU legislation and Swedish law prohibit us (and all other food business owners) to report that these products can offer any health benefits or effects inside the body. We therefore ask new and old customers to independently research on this online or in scientific literature.

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Ion Silver was started in 2001 and like many other companies in a garage with the founder, in this case Anders Sultan. Today, Ion Silver is the largest producer of colloidal silver in the Nordic region.

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