The chamber prosecutor submits the preliminary investigation against Ion Silver AB because no crime has been committed

Helsingborgs Dagblad and Sydsvenska Dagbladet have worked hard to try to make people think it could be criminal for individuals to discuss health and health benefits in closed Facebook groups. Newspapers’ articles in the fall of 2014 and beyond have even frustrated various individuals into silence.

Now, chamber prosecutor Stefan Waern has found that it is not criminal to convey information, own experiences and other people’s experiences in, for example, Facebook groups, no matter what they are. Chamber prosecutor Stefan Waern has filed a preliminary investigation against Ion Silver AB in Löddeköpinge, while noting that no crime has been committed.

This is how it appeared when the newspapers with noise and bang showed that Ion Silver AB – Anders Sultan and Michael Zazzio – were a police officer for crimes against the drug laws and that the prosecutor’s office would investigate whether it was criminal to discuss colloidal silver in the closed Facebook group Kolloidalt Silver 2.0 or if it was a crime when Anders Sultan or Michael Zazzio spoke privately as a medical researcher, lecturer or expert in colloidal silver:

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The chamber prosecutor finishes the preliminary investigation