The EU cites the zero effect dose (NOAEL) for silver anion particles from the liver poisoning point of view

“Recently, for Ag-NP (silver anion particles) a NOAEL (for rats) was observed, based on a 90 day oral exposure of 30 mg / kg body weight / day; Deze beoordeling was gebaseerd op tekenen van lever toxiciteit. “

NOAEL = Neutral effect dose, the dose that does not give the lowest adverse effect.

This means equivalent to 3 liters (10 mg / liter) 10 ppm strong KS per kilogram body weight. A 70 kilo heavy person can then, without the least side effect, easily consume 210 liters of KS per day for all of his life without causing any side effects. Most do not use these amounts

WHO has previously set the zero effect dose (NOAEL) for silver to 350 μg per day for a 70 kilo heavy person.
“The World Health Organization (WHO) set a ‘No Observable Adverse Effect Level’-(NOAEL) related to the sum of all exposure routes of 5 µg/kg bw (body weight)/d.”

It corresponds to 7 teaspoons, ie a little more than two tablespoons. This WHO limit is based on the fact that the WHO has wrongly assumed that all the silver that was consumed would accumulate in the body.

Research shows instead that 90-99% of the silver leaves the body within 1-2 days. The limit of 350 μg per day can therefore be well-adjusted much higher, as we have seen from the zero effect dose established by the EU for silver anorexia: 30 mg / kg body weight.

Daily Intake:

EU: 30,000 μg (30 mg) silver per kilogram body weight (210 liters 10 ppm KS).

WHO: 5 μg (0.005 mg) of silver per kilogram of body weight (35 milliliters 10 ppm KS).

EU about Colloidal Silver