Why does not an electrocolloidal silver render blue skin (argyri) or damage to the internal organs?

Electrocolloidal silver with 10 ppm strength contains only too little silver. On the other hand, it is so small particles that they do not get caught in the cells of the body. Then, the dosage is adjusted to not exceed officially determined intolerable intake doses. Studies also show that the silver consumed today has usually left the body just a day later. Nothing is stored in the body. During the 10 years that Ionosil was approved as a dietary supplement, the max dose of six daily teaspoons yielded an annual intake of 100 milligrams of pure silver. How little this is, in fact, you see hereIonosil neither toxic nor dangerous

After taking this picture, one might wonder how the authorities and the media stubbornly call the product dangerous, and also claim that the smallest one you can take – can make you blue or gray for all future. The truth is that not even 6 teaspoons a day for eighty years can make you change color – it’s within the WHO zero effect dose for completely safe intake.

The only side effect that is reported from an excessive intake of a most often incorrectly produced product is a cosmetic so-called argyri. There are less than a handful of argy figures ever since. Three known – of maybe 20 million users worldwide! Most of them are caused by the manufacture of self-manufactured products, often with salt in. Then, silver-salted silver chloride has been produced – a silver compound consisting of very large particles. After consuming several hundred times more than recommended by this, you can develop a blue or gray tone in the skin after many years.

Paul Karason, the only blue man in the United States, has taken up 35 grams of silver chloride in 14 years. He has taken more than 500 times more silver than the recommended dose. Of a silver salt. Not at all the product we sell that consists of electrically generated silver ions without salt mixture. Despite this amount of silver and that he is completely blue in the skin, doctors have not been able to see any effect on internal organs. He has done a complete medical examination. This is the ultimate proof that silver in amounts of 30-100 mg on an annual basis is extremely safe.

There are no reports of internal organs damage from the use of a 10 ppm strong electrocolloidal silver. The WHO and EPA safety data show that you can consume the equivalent of 6 teaspoons per day for eighty years – without exceeding the zero effect dose. The zero effect dose refers to the amount you can consume without risking unexpected side effects. If you stay under the zero effect dose of 10 grams, there is no risk of becoming blue, and according to the authorities, argyri is the only side effect that is really found in excessive silver intake. When you exceed 10 grams of silver consumed, you may be in danger of developing argyri. WHO has set a risk level for argyri and it is at 25 grams of silver consumed. It takes over two hundred years to consume 25 grams of silver if you take 6 teaspoons of a 10 ppm strong product.

Blue skin of colloidal silver?