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What is the case with EMU oil especially?

Emuolja is an animal oil derived from emun - an Australian relative to the African ostrich. It is in wild state only in Australia, but is now born around the world for the sake of the red, cholesterol-laden meat and the bright, beautiful skin. For thousands of years,...

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EU about Colloidal Silver

The EU cites the zero effect dose (NOAEL) for silver anion particles from the liver poisoning point of view "Recently, for Ag-NP (silver anion particles) a NOAEL (for rats) was observed, based on a 90 day oral exposure of 30 mg / kg body weight / day; Deze beoordeling...

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Blue skin of colloidal silver?

Why does not an electrocolloidal silver render blue skin (argyri) or damage to the internal organs? Electrocolloidal silver with 10 ppm strength contains only too little silver. On the other hand, it is so small particles that they do not get caught in the cells of...

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Silver increases the effect of antibiotics

Silver does not create any antibiotic resistance, it's old outdated hypotheses that have proven to be unfounded. Silver ions, on the other hand, kill the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that otherwise remain alive. Silver ions also take holes on the biofilm that...

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Attacks in media

Researchers misinterpret own studies

Read our analysis of the amazingly bad research on Silver that the researchers in Lund achieved. Research goes far beyond previous research and experience on living creatures. Now, Lunda researchers want their poorly designed test tube study to be taken seriously. We...

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All you need to know about KS

What is it? How does it work? Can you turn blue? Will the bacteria become resistant? Information from authorities and media - pure ignorance or disinformation? Here you can learn everything you need to make an informed decision! What is colloidal silver? Colloidal...

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Ionosil’s effect on bacteria and fungi

Ion Silver has done a comprehensive study showing that Ionosil has a very fast and beneficial effect on bacteria and fungi. The study is made of 6 different forms of bacteria and 2 fungi and was made in 0.1 ppm concentration of Ionosil. In a few minutes, in many cases...

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Ion Silver was started in 2001 and like many other companies in a garage with the founder, in this case Anders Sultan. Today, Ion Silver is the largest producer of colloidal silver in the Nordic region.

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