MSM Alavis

MSM Alavis (Methylsulfonylmethane) can be used by most animals most preferably. The largest and most common users are horses, dogs and cats, but other animals, such as cows, may benefit from the subject. MSM provides body supplementation of methyl and organically bound sulfur.

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MSM – MetylSulfonylMetan

MSM, gives your horse power and the right conditions to work out and perform better.

MSM is a natural sulfuric substance. Organic sulfur is an important building block in the body’s production of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, hormones and immunoglobulin. Organic sulfur is something found in every cell in our bodies. The fact is that it is the eighth most commonly used substance, weighted – and it is an important component of the collagen and keratin protein that builds up cartilage, tendons, brain, connective tissue, muscles, skeletons, fur and hoofs. Organic sulfur is, in other words, one of the most important components for a healthy and well functioning body. If the body does not have access to sulfur to the extent it needs, shortness of symptoms may occur. By supplementing the diet with MSM, you fill up the horse’s sulfur supply and you get a cleaner and more prosperous horse.

MSM is a naturally occurring substance in nature. There are in milk and grass. Unfortunately, it is destroyed by drying and heating. It is expected that a horse who goes on a green bean will receive about one gram of MSM per day. If the horse gets silage or hay silage, it does not get much MSM in itself. When the horse is supplemented by MSM, the body can repair itself and keep it healthy. The horse also has an improved circulation and oxygen absorption capacity. This in turn leads to a significant shift in the lactic acid threshold.

The horse recovers faster after exercise, becomes more spicy and usually gets better appetite. The horse also gains stronger heads and a more beautiful man and fur – because the sulfur in MSM helps the body to build up the proteins, collagen and keratin that are needed as building blocks in those processes.

Since MSM actually has the ability to penetrate the top layer of skin, you can mix MSM into an ointment and apply it to the fur.

Study shows that horses who get MSM get more and feel better

In a study by the well-known veterinarian Ronald D. Riegel, it is noted that the group of horses who received 20 grams of MSM daily in the diet, all lowered their training hours by an average of 2.6 seconds. The horses become more exercise-oriented and recover faster after training. The horses raise their lactic acid threshold significantly, resulting in a completely different stamina on the course. Attributes like these have led to the fact that many of the large stables in trotting and racing sports got their eyes on the subject and, with good results, give their horses MSM as a supplement.

Read the entire study here: Racehorse Study.pdf

Dosage instructions for horses:

Do not see the dosage instructions as something you must follow blindly. You can very well experiment yourself. The higher the dose, the faster the results are usually obtained. MSM is one of nature’s most toxic substances and it has been found that it is as non-toxic as water. You have to get up to doses of several pounds a day before a horse should start to feel bad of the dose. In the first ten days you give the horse 40 grams per day, then 20 grams a day. A smaller pony, gives you a slightly smaller dose. Calculate approximately 30 grams during the first ten days, then 15 grams a day.

MSM is a very well documented subject. MSM has been studied carefully for about twenty years. It is a substance that is present in the diet and in the body, as both humans and animals feel good to receive as a dietary supplement.

MSM for dogs and cats

Dogs often encounter problems with the movement apparatus. By supplementing biologically useful sulfur in the form of MSM, the dogs’ bodies can more than ever perform maintenance and repair of the body. Old orphaned dogs that exhibit clear signs of wear and tear become short-lived and more mobile.

Dosage: A dog or cat weighing less than ten kilograms is recommended to take 250-1000 mg MSM per day. If the animal weighs between ten to twenty kilograms, then 1000-2000 mg of MSM is recommended per day. An animal weighing twenty to thirty kilograms should have 2000-3000 mg. If the animal weighs thirty to forty kilograms, then 3000-4000 mg of MSM is recommended per day. An animal weighing more than forty kilos should have 4000-5000 mg MSM per day. 1000 mg corresponds to one gram which corresponds to a spice size approximately.

Cows have problems with the claws

Swedish cows have problems with the claws. In a new study of 5,000 western Swedish cows, 72 percent had some kind of damage to the claws. The injuries we see are often caused by the cows standing in a bad environment. Then you usually see eczema, or you see itchy, that is, loss of claws, or that they are affected by trapping, an inflammation of the skin of the skin inside the foliage capsule.

MSM, natural nutrition – no medicine

Remember, Alavis MSM is just a feed supplement and not a medicine. MSM does not affect other medication, there are no known contraindications.

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MSM Alavis – Methylsulfonyl Methane

Contains 100 grams of methylsulfonyl methane per 100 grams of powder.


Production process for our MSM

This is how it is now. The supplier Ion Silver originally had in Canada, moved its production to China already 6-7 years ago. Ion Silver had no choice but to accompany and continued to deliver well-functioning deliveries. The trademarks Lignisul and Alavis, respectively, are linked to the manufacturer. Meanwhile, we began to use wood as a raw material. We did not hear anything specifically that would make us think otherwise. When, a few years ago, after asking a similar question, we asked about origin, we were informed that now we have switched to using natural gas as the source of its MSM. Trees are starting to be a shortage in China as well, and it has been necessary to review the entire chain and think as much as possible on the environmental aspect.
Actually, it does not matter what you use as a source when you produce MSM. Only it contains hydrocarbons in sufficient amount. You can use natural gas or wood as a raw material. Hydrocarbon from trees or natural gas is solar energy from the past. In the case of trees, you do it in the form of using the by-product you get in the production of paper pulp.
The only way to distinguish an MSM produced from natural gas – and MSM extracted from pulp is to make a Kol-14 dating. It is only the age of the product’s basic material that separates the products. MSM is a chemical compound, a molecule of the formula CH3 SO2 CH3.
The process is based on extracting methanol from gas or pulp. From it, DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is then prepared. This DMSO is then crystallized and in the process one extracts MSM. The MSM Ion Silver distributes, used by tens of thousands of satisfied users across the country.
The MSM we sell at Ion Silver holds the highest possible pharmacological class. It is guaranteed to maintain a purity of at least 99.95%.
Distillation or crystallization.
The MSM Ion Silver sells holds the highest possible pharmacological class. It is guaranteed to maintain a purity of at least 99.95%. Our supplier uses the crystallization process. Since it’s only Bergstrom Nutrition in the United States that depends on patents, distilles its MSM, so everyone else is forced to use crystallization technology. This means that Bergström can say that it is marginally smaller with pollutants in its MSM, max 5 ppm, unlike our manufacturer who claims to have a maximum of 10 ppm.
Our manufacturer writes that the difference will be:
“The main difference is as following:
1) Water content (Bergstrom Nutrition Distillation method) less than 0.1%, and our traditional method Is less than 0.2%
2) Heavy metals (Bergstrom Nutrition Distillation method) less than 5ppm, and our traditional method is less than 10ppm.
The other specification is same. “
Some say unfortunately that Lignisul or Alavis would be less good because it was made with crystallization technology, it simply does not match. A difference to a few million parts in purity really does not matter. In addition, MSM is among the best available to help the body get rid of slag products and unwanted metals.
MSM is also the product that very efficiently helps the body cleanse slag products and toxins, so it’s hard to see that some parts of the environment here or there could play a role.