LipoCell C

LipoCell C is a dietary supplement with vitamin C and Fulvic acid in liquid liposomal form, for maximum uptake and effect.



In addition to vitamin C, it also contains Fulvic acid and sweetener Steviolglycosides.
Vitamin C itself contributes to:

To reduce fatigue and fatigue.
Normal energy turnover.
The normal function of the immune system and protects the cells against oxidative stress.
Normal collagen formation that is important for the normal functioning of the skin, teeth, blood vessel, gums, bone and breast.
The normal function of the nervous system and normal psychological function.
To recreate the reduced form of vitamin E.
Increases järnupptag
A 250 ml bottle is sufficient for about 50 daily doses when 5 ml of LipoCell covers more than DRI daily reference intake.
Store dry at room temperature. Opened bottle is stored in refrigerator and consumed within 60 days.
We open for the first time, it may puddle some but it is normal and does not affect the quality.

Ingrediens 5 ml daily dose DRI % 10 ml daily dose DRI %
C-vitamin 1000 mg 1250% 2000 mg 2500%
Fulvosyra 50 mg * 100 mg *

*No DRI is registered for Fullvic acid

Additional information

Dimensions 12 cm

About LipoCell C

Together with researchers, we have now developed a new product with natural vitamin C of the highest quality. The technology liposomal, can be briefly explained as follows:

Liposomal form is microscopic capsules that keep its contents protected and intact through the body’s system all the way directly to the cells and where they effectively release the active substances.

Human cell membranes consist of phospholipids, like LipoCell liposomes, and thus can pass undesirable through the digestive system. After passing the stomach and liver they pass into the bloodstream, which gives a significantly better uptake.


LipoCell C
Vitamin C
Pure water (disinfected with colloidal silver, AG)
Emulsifying agent (soy lecithin)
orange Concentrate
Preservatives (potassium sorbate)
Sweeteners (steviol glycosides)
Consistent (vegetable glycerol)

Important information

For some reason, the protective gas added before the bottle closes, in some cases managed to build up too high pressure. The problem is now resolved and remedied by the manufacturer and our old stock (Best before: 17/5 2019) has been discarded. New bottles have already been sent to our dealers

There is nothing wrong with the content and harmless to consume. We’re sorry, of course, but unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for childhood diseases to start this.

The product has been tested at the factory and showed no problems with overpressure. The product is microbiologically tested and approved. A protective gas (harmless) is added before the bottles are closed, this guarantees the quality and that the product is safe to use before expiry date. If the product is stored in a refrigerator, the gas is absorbed, and only a small amount of gas (a light bulb) can and will leave the bottle. If the bottle is stored at a higher temperature (in summer at room temperature or the like …) / more absorbed gas may leave the product / bottle.

The product is tested at high temperatures (60 ° C) and for a long time. There is no problem with microbiology. The product quality is Ok after all tests. There is no fermentation. The phenomenon mentioned – pressure in the bottle at the opening – is only physical.

Do not shake the bottle, but turn it up and down a few times, so do not press the same pressure. You do not need to mix the microscopic capsules, the so-called vesicles.

steviol glycosides

This type of Stevia is exactly 98% Steviol glycosides (natural extract of the plant) are completely Ok in dietary supplements. The maximum recommended by this ingredient is 1800 mg / l. Ingredients are approved and certified.

Our product contains 0.8mg / 5ml, so the concentration is 160mg / l, which is very low. It is less than 10% of the maximum recommended content.