Ionosil Electro Colloidal Silver

Ionosil Electro Colloidal Silver, is a water disinfection product that effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and single-celled parasites such as protozoa like amoeba and plasmodium (malaria). 

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Ionosil Electro Colloidal Silver is a product that is classified as a water disinfection product with a strength of 10 ppm, equivalent to 100 micrograms of silver per 10 ml of product. That something is in colloidal form means that it is composed of microscopic free floating nano particles and ions whose positive electrical charge causes them to constantly repell each other. The particles are so small that there are several billion silver particles in a box of a cubic millimeter size. Ionosil consists of about 70% of silver ions with the remainder of silver in nano particle form. Studies have shown the particles to be approximately 3 nm in size.

Our bottles are made of PET plastic and HDPE plastic jerry cans.
Storage: At room temperature and dark.

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In-depth description

Ionosil Electro Colloidal Silver is approved for water purification.
The product is identical to the dietary supplement that we sold between 2001-2010. The reason we moved over to marketing the product as a water disinfectant is that the EU imposed unreasonable requirements for maintaining the product as a food supplement. They initially demanded that the product should undergo a bioavailability study to see how much silver is absorbed by the body. The cost of this study would at the time be in the order of SEK 1 million and is just a tiny part of all that the EU wants the product to undergo. So we took the decision to classify the product as a water purification product.

There have long been silver-based water purification products on the market. Some are based on silver nitrate that is poured into the freshwater tank on recreational vehicles. Larger ships often have silver ion based water disinfection equipment that purifies all water on the ship. Even NASA provided its space ships with silver ion disinfection systems. These helped astronauts recirculate all water (and urine!) aboard the space shuttle. Silver in water purification is therefore well established and safe. The amount of silver needed with a product like Ionosil is considerably less than with silver nitrate based products.

The product is approved by the Swedish Chemicals Agency. EC Number: EG 231-131-3, CAS 7440-22-4.

Ionosil was sold for 9 years as a dietary supplement. Nowadays, the product is depending on the new EU regulations, registered as a water disinfectant. The product effectively kills fungi, viruses, bacteria and most forms of single-celled parasites of the type protozoa. We have studies on the effect of the product on, for example, MRSA, ie Methicillin Resistant Stafylococci. MRSA bacteria die within a few minutes when they come into contact with Ionosil. MRSA is estimated to kill around 50,000 people in Europe each year.

Studies made regarding safety and effect.

1. Study on human lung tissue
Ionosil was tested in 2007 in a study at The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Copenhagen University. No toxic effects on human lung tissue were observed, despite the fact that the sample was subjected to a 1 ppm dose concentration for up to 48 hours. Despite this, one could not see any toxic effect.

“The aim of this study is to investigate the toxicity of atomic gold and silver quantum clusters and Ionosil in the human alveolar lung epithelial cell line A549. The cytotoxicity, inflammation and DNA damage were measured after 3, 24, and 48 hours by cytotoxicity detection kit, quantitative real time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction of interleukin 6 mRNA, and Comet assay respectively. Ionosil and silver 2-3 atoms/cluster were tested in concentrations up to 1 mg/L and silver and gold 3-5 atoms/cluster were tested in concentrations up to 10 mg/L. This study did not detect toxicity in any samples.”

“…Ionosil were analysed in concentrations up to 1 mg/L. … for 3, 24 and 48 hours. It was not possible to document any cytotoxicity, inflammatory, or DNA damaging effects of the test suspensions at these concentrations.”

1 ppm may sound low, but the general dilution effect must be taken into consideration when a 10 ppm strong product is absorbed by the body. The dilution effect in the body results in that 10 ml Ionosil with 10 ppm strength, will be diluted into blood, lymph fluid, as well as both intra- and extracellular fluid and will achieve a concentration that is hardly measurable. The body’s metalloproteins will also encapsulate separate ions and transport these to individual cells in the body. That’s how it works in the body. Minerals and vitamins are not accumulated in just a few individual cells in the body but spread and distribute relatively evenly to all cells in the body.

If we make a quick calculation example of how 10 ml of a 10 ppm strong colloidal silver is diluted with blood (about 5 liters in an adult) we get:
5 liters = 5000 ml = 500 times more than 10 ml. This corresponds to 500-fold dilution effect only in the blood. This means that we divide 10 ppm with 500 then we get a blood concentration corresponding to 0.02 ppm. The entire body weight of 70 kilograms corresponds roughly to 70,000 ml. If we turn out the dilution effect on the entire body, we are talking about concentrations of 0.001 ppm.
As a result, Ionosil – which does not even in concentrations of 1 ppm over 48 hours – exhibit any harmful effects – only accumulates in body cells at concentrations of fractional parts of ppm for a few minutes. The body excretes the silver relatively quickly, and it has been seen that the silver ions are evacuated relatively quickly through both kidneys and liver. 90-99% have been excreted already a day or two after the intake.

Read the full study here: An in vitro toxicity study of a colloidal silver health product.pdf

2. Study on MRSA – multi resistant staphylococci
The prescription of antibiotics since the sixties has created a lot of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. One form of bacteria is called MRSA – a form of multiresistant staphylococci. MRSA kills more than 50,000 people every year in Europe.

We did a laboratory study on the effect of Ionosil on these multiresistant staphylococci. The result showed that Ionosil eliminated all antibiotic resistant bacteria in a few minutes.
“Ion Silvers study on MRSA: Inhibition of Staph aureus with Ionosil.pdf”

3. Study on Ionosil’s ability to kill heterotrophic and coliform bacteria
Already in 2002, we conducted a study on Ionosil and its ability to kill heterotrophic and coliform bacteria in bottled drinking water. The result of the study showed that there were no measurable levels of bacteria in the water.
“Ion Silvers study of Ionosil’s disinfectant effect on drinking water: Alcontrol study on Ionosil”

4. Study on Ionosil’s ability to kill viruses
In a recent study on Ionosil’s viral killing ability, it is seen that the product has a very good killing effect on MS2 virus. MS2 is a bacteriophage with a diameter of 27-34 nm that is used in various studies when you want to see the effect of viruses. Wikipedia has an article about MS2 virus.
“Ion Silvers virus study: Ionosil’s viral killing ability”

5. Ion Silver has done a comprehensive study showing that Ionosil has a very fast and beneficial effect on bacteria and fungi. The study is made on 6 different forms of bacteria and 2 fungi and was made in 0.1 ppm concentration of Ionosil. In a few minutes, in many cases 99.99% of the bacteria are killed.

It is a study that shows that 10 ml of Ionosil works perfectly to disinfect one liter of drinking water that may be contaminated with microorganisms.

You find the whole study here:

(I have enclosed the study Ionosil Time Kill Test.pdf)

6. Dosage
Mix two teaspoons of Ionosil per liter of drinking water you want to disinfect. Shake and wait for 15 minutes. The water is then ready to drink. The reason why you wait 15 minutes is to give the silver ions the time they need to perform their work. The water is then bacteria free for 6 months or longer.

We have four sizes of packages of Ionosil. 10 ml sachets, 500 ml in a bottle, 1 liter in a bottle, and five liters in a jerry can.

Ionosil is manufactured using modern electro colloidal production methods. Raw materials are deionized water and 99.99 percent pure silver. Ionosil’s strength is 10 ppm +/- 1 ppm. It corresponds to 10 mg of silver per liter of product. The product is guaranteed to keep for three years from production date, but will usually last many more years.

Sales outlets:
Ionosil is available for purchase in most health food stores, pet shops, through therapists and major web shops dealing with food supplements. Should your store not have the product at home, they can order it through us or a wholesaler.