EMS Créme

EMS Créme is a soft and beneficial creme and without parabens. Take off the skin quickly and give it a nice luster. It contains 100ml more Colloidal Silver than EMS Salva and is therefore more fluid and easier to lubricate, especially on larger surfaces. We have never tested our ointments, lotions or cream products on animals and will not do it either. 150ml




EMS Créme is a combination of three well-proven products Emuolja, Colloidal Silver and MSM in combination with Allantoin, D-Panthenol Pantotenic acid (Vitamin B5), Squalane (veg), Cold-pressed coconut oil, Glycerol (veg), Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Ring Flower, Chamomile, Myrrh, Essential Lavender Oils, Gives This Crème its particularly softening properties.

We have never tested our ointments, lotions or cream products on animals and will not do it either.


Additional information

Dimensions 25 cm


About Emu Oil

Emu oil extracted from the fat on the back of the bird. It contains vitamins A and E, both known to be antioxidants and remedies for cuts and wounds.

It also contains linoleic acid, which is the ingredient in the oil that is good for healing joint and muscle aches. Emuoljan also contains Sapogens, which provides softening benefits. In addition, it contains terpines that provide antiseptic properties to prevent infections on open wounds.

Finally, emuolan contains oleic acid. Among other things, the oleic acid is known to stimulate skin cell renewal and thus an important ingredient in anti-aging creams.

This is how one of Sweden’s leading EMU bird experts, Evert Bernro, says about how the EMU birds are treated:

Just knowing how far-fetched eagles in our country live. There is a comprehensive regulatory framework for ostrich farming. You must have had a special education to get permission to breed struts and emu s.c. cone license.

The chickens live in large shelter = pastures with 2 m wild boar around. They have access to shelters (each chicken must have several square meters at their disposal even though they always choose to stay close together when they rest).

They do not work in the same way as the ostrich, but eat from some plants and enjoy seeds as they pull off the plants with their beaks. They are fed with a special ostrich lining (based on lucerne).

Emf birds like much about fruit and some vegetables. (Easy to get over if you talk to your grocery store).

The chickens are slaughtered at 14 months of age – then the meat is considered to be the best. They go to the slaughterhouse – which must be approved for ostrich feeds – in special transportation.

In cases where I joined them (I wanted to know how they reacted) they were quite quiet during transport. They are checked by the veterinarian before and after slaughter. Of course, they are stunned before killing.

Can recommend “The Emufarmers Handbook” two volumes written by Maria Minnaar. In addition, a number of oyster farms are usually open for summertime viewing. Then you can easily see and understand how it all works.

Salva/Créme vs Lotion

Difference between EMS, Silversalva and Silverlotion?

EMS is a product developed for use on humans primarily, but it also works on animals. Silversalvan is an animal product and contains no MSM but instead contains Aloe Vera. Silverlotion contains both Ionosil, MSM and EMU oil, but is very thin and has lemonella (insect repellent) like essential oil. Made for fur on dogs and horses. All products can be used by everyone and everyone. Buy home one of each and try which one works best just for your purposes.

The difference between the EMS ointment and the EMS crémen is that the crémen contains a deciliter extra KS and a little extra MSM.

Silversalva and Silverlotion do not have the same content as EMS products. There are three different products with different uses. They contain all silver and emu oil, but in the case of animal products, the emuolan is not deodorized, etc. (treated with hot water vapor under high pressure) which is a statutory requirement for human products. The silver lotion contains MSM just like EMS products, but otherwise the ingredients differ on most points.

INCI list

Dimethyl Sulfone
Dromiceius Oil
Cocus Nucifera Oil
Sodium Stearoyl
Cetyl Alcohol
Glyceryl Stearate
Xanthan Gum
Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil
Sodium Ascorbyl
Lavandula Angustifolia Oil
Commiphora Myrrha Oil
Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract
Recutita Flower Extract
Colloidal Silver