About Ion Silver

Ion Silver HB was started in 2001, like many other small businesses, in a garage at home with the founder and the idea behind it, Anders Sultan. After reading about colloidal silver online in the mid 90’s and understanding what power it had and realizing all the amazing uses, a curiosity and a desire to make this knowledge available to everyone. It was a thought seed that fried and became an idea and a vision eventually developed into a production.

In 2002 Ion Silver HB moved into its first premises at Produktvägen 8 in Löddeköpinge. Anders often stood alone behind the tap machine and produced, answered by phone, packed and sent his bottles across the country. At the same time, he read and spread his wider knowledge as soon as possible. This yielded slowly but surely results. In 2012 Ion Silver HB was transformed into a limited company and in the same year Ion Silver AB had grown out of the rock and moved to a larger local area, even this on Produktvägen in Löddeköpinge.

Since then, the company has grown strongly, despite all the hopes of government and the media. The products have grown more and today we are five full-time employees and in the autumn of 2016 have dubbed our premises and invested in efficient tools to help us meet the ever-increasing demand for our products. .

Our high standards of cleanliness and environment lead to constant, critical review of suppliers, raw materials and, above all, our own manufacturing. The fifth-generation “silver machines” are being built in this now, when Anders is always driven by the idea of ​​making the ultimate Kolloidala silver, 10 ppm.

Our MSM devastates no forests. Our skin care products are paraben-free and are based on natural ingredients. Our minerals are free from additives such as preservatives and coagulation chemicals.

We do not use any genetically engineered raw materials. Our packaging is simple and environmentally friendly. Whole thinking is always present in our product development.

Our intention is always to produce and present the best and cleanest products on the market.

With an overall perspective we are focusing on a sustainable future and we will always fight for people to have a clear right to keep healthy with effective and harmless products. Health freedom in other words!

Our products

Our two latest products Silver Deo and Silver Creme have both made quick success on the market. Both made with only natural ingredients and are locally produced. Silver Deo is without perfume and without alcohol and aluminum. Silver Cream with organic almond oil, for the whole body.

Ion Silver was started in 2001 and like many other companies in a garage with the founder, in this case Anders Sultan. Today, Ion Silver is the largest producer of colloidal silver in the Nordic region.

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Produktvägen 12b

263 43 Löddeköpinge

Phone: 046-712360

Email: info@ion-silver.com